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Welcome to Brådtom Sluss!

"Sluss" is the swedish word for lock, and "Brådtom" is an old swedish word that means "hurry". Brådtom Sluss is, however, not in the slightest a place where you need to hurry.

Brådtom used to be the home of the lockkeeper. It was built in the early eighteen hundreds at the same time as the Göta Canal, which runs through the premises.

Today Brådtom functions as a hostel and café. At Brådtom you stay in historic cottages surronded by the idyllic, Swedish nature. At the café you're able to get yourself a traditional Swedish "fika" (coffee or tea with something sweet, like a cinnamon roll), or if you're feeling hungry, a tasty meatball sandwich. Relax, watch the boats pass by, and enjoy the scenic surroundings and Swedish summer.

Brådtom is open for business May - September.

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Here is a video of Brådtom sluss: